Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jackson is 2

I can't believe this day has come. Wow how the time flies by, I feel like just the other day he was a tiny baby. Well he wasn't tiny for long, but he is not my baby anymore even though we all say he is. Jackson is such a fun little boy to have around. He loves to play with his brother, play basketball, throw footballs and is learning to kick the soccer ball. He is such an athlete and loves to have anyone play catch with him. He also loves to take baths and watch mickey mouse. He is such a big boy and can wrestle with Ryan and sometimes win. He has really started talking and will talk your ear off if he has something to say. We may not always know what he is talking about but we just let him say what he needs to say. He is so cute that sometimes it is hard to get mad at him and it is hard to discipline him because he just laughs at you. We are so glad that he has come to our home. We are also excited to see him to continue to grow. We love you Jackson!!!