Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ryan and his Girl Friend!

Friends of ours are moving back to Arizona in the next week, so I watched their little girl, Hannah, yesterday while her mom went through stuff and was packing. Ryan loves to play with her so I took pictures of them playing. They had a very fun day playing toys and watching cartoons.
They also had a picnic lunch in our living room. We will miss Hannah and her parents when they leave.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Were Here!

So finally today we got the internet, so for all of you who want to see what my little place looks like here you go. When I took these pictures, my house was still a bit messy so bear with me. Things are good here, we love living so close to everything. I am sure getting my exercise going up and down the stairs, but it is good.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Were moving!

Sorry I haven't done any new posts lately. Nothing has really happened except packing up our house so we can move on sat. When we get all unpacked at the new place I will tell you all about the new house. It has gotten so nice here lately that I just want to be outside and playing with Ryan instead of in the house packing. I am really excited to move, being in a basement really gets to you after a while. We will be in a townhouse to it will be more like our own.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update on our family

Things have been really crazy in our life. We have been stressing out trying to find a new place to live closer to the college since gas prices are getting so high. We live about 7 miles outside of town, so we have to plan out our outings. Well we finally found a place to live. We are moving next week to a little townhome. We are way excited and hope that this is the place where we will stay for a long time.

Ryan is doing good, being a boy. He is so excited that he it is getting warmer so he can go outside and play with the kids upstairs from us. He gets very angry if he can't play with them at all times. We are trying to figure out how to combat temper tantrums and he is soo good at that. He has also discovered movies. His favorites right now are Cars, Toy story 1&2, and Finding Nemo. It is hard to limit movies for him.