Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas party and fun times

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted, I have just been really lazy. We went to Boise to go to Chris' family Christmas party the weekend before Christmas. We had a couple of days to hang with friends and family. On Friday we hung out with our friends Brian and Wendy and ended up at the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Ryan discovered the escalator and wanted to play on it, so while we were waiting for Wendy, Chris took him up and let him go down and up by himself. He was so cute holding onto the railing and just taking the ride. I was a little sad, because he is getting so big and loves to do things on his own. He thought this was the greatest thing ever. Then he got a little brave and started to climb the stairs while riding.
We also tried to sit on Santa's lap again, but Ryan was not having any of it. We also went out to eat with Chris' sister and dad, and at the place there was a motorcycle game that Ryan asked to ride on, so Chris sat on the back and helped him play. He loved it.
On Saturday we headed over to Chris' grandmother's house for the Christmas party. They did the nativity and
Ryan and Chris were wise men, Ryan
did really understand what was going on we had lots of fun and Ryan got spoiled with lots of gifts from Great Grandma Rice.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Letter

This year I thought that more people would read a letter this way then if I sent something in the mail. I haven't written a letter about us in a while so I will just update on us this year.

Chris is still in school and hopefully will be done with in the next year or half. It feels like we have been in school forever, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He really enjoys school here at BYU-Idaho and his classes. He is studying Business Management with emphasis in Finance. He is such a trooper, he has been going to school on Mon, Wed, Fri. all day until 3:00 and then trying to fit in about 2 hrs of work and then on Tues. Thurs. working a full day. It has been crazy and we haven't seen much of him, but we are sure proud of what he is doing for our family. We used to take Chris to school and Ryan used to say, "Mom I go to daddy's school to" I would tell him he would have to wait. Chris is off the next semester and is looking forward to just working and relaxing with the family. He is lucky to be working for a Dish satelite company. He has been working there for about a year now and loving it. He has been doing sales and now his boss has him working with the finances to give Chris experience in this field.

Ryan is growing so much everyday. It is crazy to think that he will be three soon. It has been fun this year to see him learn how to speak better and to watch him learn about the world he lives in. He has learned his alphabet and is now working on learning to recognize his letter, he just learned his colors and loves to tell me what color everythingn is. He is learning new words like crazy, it is funny what this little guy comes up with. He is growing really tall and people can't believe that he is only 2. He is wearing about what a 4 year old is wearing and growing more each day. We moved in may to a town home in Rexburg and he has had lots of friends that live by us and have had a great time getting to know them. During the Summer we would just go outside and play with everyone. Now that it is snowing, it isn't much fun to just stay in so we try to take turns watching each other's kids, so they don't go crazy. We are excited for him to turn 3 and what that has to bring this next year. I can't believe my baby is already that old.

We have had lots of fun this year. We have been camping lots of times and visited with family. We are expecting our second in Feb. so we have been mainly focused on getting ready for that and getting Ryan ready for the idea of a baby brother. Bethany is ready for the baby to come already, but can't believe how fast it has gone. She is still loving staying at home with Ryan and keeping the house in order. Bethany's parents came home from a mission in November and she has been loving having them so close to go visit and be with them.

We hope everyone has a good Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love, The Rice's
Chris, Bethany, Ryan and Baby

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun Sunday family night

On Sunday's we have been trying to be better about not watching t.v. and just hanging out with each other. We usually let Ryan pick some movies to watch together. Well this Sunday we were just playing with Ryan and got out his sleeping bag and taught him how to go down our stairs in the sleeping bag. It was so funny to watch him go down. Of course Chris was at the bottom of the stairs to catch Ryan and we told Ryan we only do this when mom and dad are with him. He was having lots of fun. After that fun time we all sat down together and watch Sword in the Stone and ate Popcorn. What a fun time we had just being together! I have a video of Ryan going down the stairs, but don't laugh to hard at me!

We also put up a decoration on our kitchen table and Ryan loves to play with it so Chris got some pictures of him playing with it.