Tuesday, January 25, 2011

These Crazy Kids

So I have noticed that I haven't updated about the boys lately.

Ryan is energetic and so during the winter he is out of control with boredom. Here is so hard to figure out something to do for the entire winter. We don't have many indoor places to go and play so usually he sits at home and plays the Wii or watches movies. I am trying to get him to play with Jackson and all the toys in their toy room. He doesn't seem that interested in playing toys. He was going to a preschool that he loved, but we didn't know if we were moving and we couldn't afford it this semester so he is pretty upset about that. We are excited for him to be able to go to kindergarten. He is learning things everyday and has a mouth on him. He has learned to talk back and we have learned we need to watch what we say. Ryan is such a joy to have and is such a ham, he makes us laugh everyday and is such a big help for me with Jackson and with the house. He is our resident toilet cleaner and he loves it. We can't believe how big he is getting.

Jackson is also a whirlwind at our house. He is also full of lots of energy. He is talking and learning new words everyday. Chris is concerned something is wrong, but he is doing fine and he has a lot more to learn. He is really hard to discipline because he just laughs in my face and thinks it is funny. We are trying to learn new ways to get it through to him that he can't hurt people. He knows what he can give us a cute smile and we will melt. I am learning to try and get over that and giving him what he wants. He is such a mama's boy, but likes to watch basketball and football with daddy. He loves to throw the ball and is excellent at basketball, pretty much anything to do with a ball he likes. He is such a joy to have in our family and can't believe how fast he is growing. He isn't our baby anymore and it is sad.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rice Family Christmas party

While all of Chris' brothers and sister was here for his graduation we decided to have a Christmas party with them. We went to Chris' work and had a nice dinner and then played some video games, opened presents and Karaoke. It was so fun to have everyone there and to see how good they were at singing.
The boys singing with Holly
Dancing while Holly and Lane are singing
Lane and Holly singing, don't they look in love!!
They can be a part of each other's world

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas at the Rice's

We decided to stay home and have Christmas with just our family. Christmas eve we hung out at and played games with our friends the Daniel's since they didn't have any family around. We had lots of fun playing games and eating lots of food. Christmas morning came and Santa left us lots of presents for the kids. We had a quite morning at home playing with toys and then off to Grandma and Grandpa Williams to have lunch and chat. We had lots of fun having lunch with them and LaDawns family. After lunch we went sledding with my nephews and the Daniels. It was so much fun and the boys loved it. Jackson loved it and wanted to go all the time. He even went part of the way by himself. We have to go again before the snow melts. That night we just hung out at home and played with the toys and things we received. What a wonderful holiday to celebrate. We missed family and friends this year, but had a good time with just our little family.
Jammies from Grandma Rice
Ryan's stuff
Jackson's stuff
Both of their stuffPlaying toys together

He Finally Graduated!!

Chris finally graduated from college in Dec. We had his family come up for the graduation and my parents. It was so nice to finally have it all done and finally be on our way to a real job. Friday night the 17 was the commencement where he got to walk across the stage and then on Saturday the 18 was the big graduation with everyone in the new Byu-Idaho center. It was really fun to see the new auditorium and listen to the speakers.

Putting up the tree

We had lots of help with the tree this year. Ryan thought it was the best to put the tree up. He was a little to much help, as any 4 year old would be.

amidst the decorating, Ryan got a bloody nose and thought it was funny to put the tissue in his nose.
All done! How pretty