Monday, April 26, 2010

Boise Vacation

The weekend before Chris started school we took some time and went to Boise to visit family and to some fun stuff. We got a hotel room for one night just for fun. Ryan thought that was awesome, he wanted to stay more nights. We got to go swimming in the pool and have a great time. We stayed with his sister Holly and her husband Lane for a couple of days and had lots of fun with them. We went out for dinner and just hung out with them. We then went to our friends Brian and Wendy and got to see their new baby and Ryan got to reunite with his good buddy Kenzie. We found out that the discovery center was free on Sat. so we decided to go there. It was really fun, but not a lot of stuff for little kids, but it was still fun to figure out all the little science things. Ryan got his hand and face painted and ended up on the news. Chris and I also were on the news briefly. We then went and got stuff for a picnic lunch and went to the park and had a picnic with Holly and Lane and Brian and Wendy. It was the perfect weekend to hang out outside and have some fun. Chris found out that Boise State was having their spring scrimmage, so he and Brian took the two older kids and went to go see the game. Ryan thought it was cool for a little bit and then got bored, but I think that over all he had lots of fun. Sunday we had a fun barbecue at Holly's house and played games. Chris' cousin Candace was their and it was fun to see her family and hang out with them. Ryan found a new friend in their little girl Mercedes. I hope in the future we get to hang out with them more. What a fun time we had before Chris started school and school life began.
All ready to watch a movieTuckered out at the end of the night


For Easter we just stayed at home and hung out together. Sat morning the kids got to go on an easter egg hunt. We just put the candy around and the kids went around and picked it up, Ryan thought this was the greatest thing on earth. All the rest of the day he wanted to play easter egg hunt. Later that night during priesthood session we went over to our friends house to have another easter egg hunt with his little friend and dye easter eggs. Ryan has never dyed easter eggs so I thought I needed to be a good mom and make sure he gets this memory. Well the kids weren't to interested in the egg dying. My friend and I were surprised, we thought they would like it better. Maybe next year we will try again. For Easter day we just watched conference and had a lazy afternoon. Since I didn't have a ham or plan anything we had chili dogs in honor of open day of baseball. It was fun!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ryan's 4th Birthday

I am way far behind, so here is Ryan's birthday and party.

Ryan has been talking about getting a bike since last summer, so we decided to get him a bike for his birthday. He was so excited, except he asked why he didn't get the green one he wanted. The red one was a little cheaper so we went with that. Even though it isn't green he still loves his bike. On his real birthday we took him to the Rex to play on the bouncy slides and then went to pizza hut for pizza. We made cupcakes so that he could have some cake on his birthday. He also got a batman lego shirt for his birthday shirt, he loves it because it matches his batman game.
We didn't have any real candles so 2+2=4 that is what we told him.
For his birthday he wanted a batman party. We had fun decorating the house for his party. Chris' sister and brother came in to town for it and we had fun hanging out with them for the weekend. Ryan wanted to go lazer tagging so we took him and his cousins Brady and Carson to go lazer tagging. He had lots of fun and then he got to play some games and won some prizes.
all the boys lazer tagging
The rest of the pictures are from the party and decorations.

I am very proud of this cake that I made all by myself!!
My mom made pj's and pillows for all the grandkids this year. These are my cute boys in their matching jammies. Thanks Grandma W!!