Monday, January 25, 2010

Jackson is 11 months!

I can't believe in little less than a month my baby will be 1! I am excited and really sad about him growing up. He is the cutest little boy ever. He has the walking thing down and it now trying to run all over the place. He gets into everything that he can reach and tries to destroy it all. He is such a happy little boy and wants to be do whatever Ryan is doing. Sometimes he thinks he is such a big kid and I have to tell him that he is still my baby. We are working on trying to get rid of the bottle but I don't think it is going to be as easy as it was with Ryan. We also are trying to get him ready to be in bunk beds with his brother. Chris really wants to get the boys bunk beds, so we decided to change his crib into a toddler bed and see how he does. BAD IDEA!!! He is definitely not ready. The first night he got out of his bed and I think he played in the toilet before crying so I could figure out where he was. We turned his bed to face the wall for the rest of the night. Maybe we will try when he is a little older. He is also the best eater in the the world he will eat anything we feed him. We love having him in our home and love getting to play and see him grow everyday. We are excited for what the future brings with this little boy!
Such a cute boy with his new sweater on!!
He thinks he is so cool when he sits and eats like this at the table.
Loves to play with Cousin Noah
He also has to get the last of his food.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas in Boise

Sorry this post is so late. I will admit I have been to lazy to post. Better late than never right??

This year we went to Boise for Christmas. We stayed with Holly and Lane for a fun filled christmas celebration. We love to go and hang out with them and our friends that we have there. We got to go to dinner with our good friends the Thompsons. We had lots of fun catching up and playing games. Why is it that you try to go somewhere on vacation and you end up more tired and busier than being at home. They were so many things we wanted to do while we were there. We had a family Christmas party with Rice side and had lots of fun doing the nativity and having santa visit. The boys got lots of presents and toys from Great Grandma Rice. They had lots of fun. Ryan got to be Joseph in the Nativity. For Christmas eve we went out to lunch with Chris' family at our favorite Japanese restaurant and then made sugar cookies. We then went to our Brother-in-laws Lane's parents house for their Christams eve party. They had a pinata that the boys got to hit and lots of candy and presents came out. They gave lots of presents and had lots of yummy food. They also had us do the Nativity scene and Ryan got to be a shepard. He loved being able to act. We had lots of fun at that party to. After all the fun we went to see our favorite light display. It is so great, you can walk around the guys driveway to see all the lights. We then came home and had donuts and waited for Santa to come.
Ryan was Joseph
Jackson wasn't so sure about the whole santa thing
Ryan does not like santa at all
Sitting with Great Grandma Rice reading a story

Christmas morning was really fun. Ryan woke up and said he had to go to the bathroom, we had a bathroom in the room we were staying so I thought he was going there. Well he came back upstairs and said that santa and brought a tent. I got mad, he had gone down stairs looked down the hall and ran up stairs, well we had to get up at that point. The kids loved looking at all the toys. Jackson really didn't care all he liked was trying to grap and touch as many toys as he could. Ryan couldn't believe what Santa had brought him, it is alot more fun as he gets older to see how Ryan reacts. We had fun opening presents and just relaxing. Then for lunch we went over to Grandma Rice's house and had lunch and played more WII. That afternoon Chris and I got to go to the movies with Chris' sister and Brother. It was nice to get away without the children for once. I can't remember the last time we saw a movie just us.

Christmas morning in their new jammies (excuse the one in the back)
Ryan got a new tent, he has been sleeping in it since we got home.
Just happy to have something to play with

To round out this great week we had Chris birthday the day after Christmas. We went shopping and he got all kinds of stuff and then we had a party with family and the Thompson's with good pizza and cake. What a fun time we had are glad we could celebrate this wonderful season with family and friends.
One last thing, I have been trying to finda babies first christmas shirt for Jackson to wear on Christmas. Well they don't make them for big babies just little ones, I was very sad. I was telling this to my niece and so she brought over this shirt the she had made for Jackson to wear since she knew that I couldn't find one. I was so happy and it was so cute. It will be staying in the family for a long time. Thanks Kayliegh!!