Sunday, February 22, 2009

Picture post

I know I have promised you more pictures of Jackson, so here they are, there are a lot of them so here goes!

Sorry about the ugliness of me and my fatness, but what can you do!!
So here you go I hope you enjoy the pictures

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jackson Christopher is here!!

Our little boy decided he wanted to come and be with us. It was kind of a crazy journey, but we are glad he is in our family. Since we got sent home from the hospital on Sat. I was determined not to go to the hospital to just be sent home again. So Sunday I was having contractions, but they were still not that close and would stop after I would lay down. Monday came and I was still having contractions, but decided to clean my house. It was nice to get that done. I think my nesting was kicking in. So Chris got home from work and said that we were going to go take Ryan to play on slides and then we were going to Walmart to walk this baby out. We walked through walmart for about 45 mins and nothing was really changing so we went home. That night I started to get them really hard and I didn't sleep at all. They were getting stronger and stronger, but they were still 6-7mins apart. I was told not to do anything until they were 3-5 mins apart. So finally at 5:30 a.m. I had had with it all and woke Chris up and we came downstairs to see how things go. I was in so much pain, so I called my mom and she said to call the dr. I called the answering service and said I thought I was in labor but didn't really know, she said to go to the hospital. I was not going to do that just to get sent home again. I thought I would just wait until my dr. appt. at 10 that morning. I took a bath to see if that would help and it didn't, so I called the dr and they said to come in asap. Getting everything together we got to the dr. office at about 9:15. My parents were there waiting for us to help with Ryan and to be there in case something was going to happen. I got checked and he said that I was at 7cm. I couldn't believe it, so off to the hospital we went. I got there and a nurse was supposed to come down and get me, but 10 mins later she still hadn't come so we just walked up there on our own. My dad took Ryan into the family waiting room while chris and my mom stayed with me. I got my epidural soon after that because they didn't know how fast I would go. That was the best thing in the world, I hadn't felt that good in months. After I got the drugs, my contractions had slowed down, so they put me on a little postosum to get them going again and we waited for the doctor to break my water. He came and broke my water and soon after that the nurse decided to check me and I was 10 cm. So the nurse had me push once and said that this baby was coming. Well there were two other women that were ready to give birth also. The dr. came in and I pushed twice and then he had to go deliver another women, so I just sat there and waited. Chris' parents had come and so I let his mom come in and be there. The dr. finally came back and another three pushes later he was here. It was great to finally have him and I got to hold him right after and he stayed with me the whole time. It was a lot different than Ryan, he had lots of things wrong so they showed him to me and then took him. It was nice to be able to hold Jackson and have everyone else see him. After I got done being cleaned up we just sat and talked with each other. My sister LaDawn came and took Ryan for the night. I got to my recovery room at about 5:00 and had an enjoyable night. I decided to come home the next day since I was fine and Jackson was fine, so we waited until he could go home around 2. I didn't want to stay since, Jackson stayed in my room with me all night, and I would rather be at home in my own bed. It was really fast and a way different experience than with Ryan. He is such a cute baby and sleeps all the time.

Sorry forgot stats of him
Jackson Christopher
7 pounds 21 inches long born at 1:55 p.m. on Feb 17th
He has dark brown hair and it was curly when he came out, but it isn't curly anymore.
I am way to tired tonight to post pictures so tomorrow morning I will do a whole post of pictures. Sorry!

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Cast and a fun Valentine's

Chris finally got into his new cast. As soon as he got home from work, he set Ryan to coloring on it. Ryan thought this was great, it looks a little like graffiti, but really cute. Chris really likes this cast a lot better than the soft cast. He feels like this leg is more supported and it doesn't hurt as much. So 5 more weeks of crutches and then he gets to walk on it. He is better at getting around, he has been trying to make me not do as much stuff for him.

Our Valentine's day was not very exciting, but in our 4 years of marriage, I don't think we have had a normal one. I went to my parents since he worked all day and then we went over to his parents to watch basketball. We were going to go to the movies, but yet again we ended up at the hospital. My contractions started at about 8:45 that evening. We went home and got Ryan to bed and then his parents watched Ryan as we went walking around. Where in Rexburg do you go walking at about 10:00 at night. We went to walmart and walk around for about 45 mins. I didn't know what to do so we went home and talked to his mom. We said a little prayer and felt that we should just go get checked in case. I also hadn't feel him move all day so that concerned us. It was really funny because at the ER the nurse came to get me in the wheel chair, luckily she brought a friend since Chris needed a wheel chair to. So we both got wheeled up to Labor and Delivery. They thought this was so funny, so they played a joke on the nursing staff and brought Chris in first. They all looked at him and was wondering how they were supposed to help him. Then I was wheeled in and they laughed. I think we made their night. So I was checked and monitored and had changed to a 2 cm. At least I had changed, but my contractions had stopped being really close, so I walked around the hospital for an hour. That is not exciting at all they aren't very many places to walk around there. Chris got to ride in the wheel chair as I pushed him around. Then we found the waiting room in Labor and Delivery, so for the last 30 mins. I just went on my own to walk and Chris watched some T.V. After the hour, which at this point was 1:30 she checked me again and she said maybe was a 2 1/2. So I was once sent home, but at least I know that my body is changed in it's own and this is going to end soon. We didn't get home until 2:30, we were so tired and spent yesterday trying to catch up on sleep. I have been having alot of contractions that are really strong but they aren't that close, so we are going to wait until my appt. tomorrow and see what the doctor's says unless something exciting happens today.
I hope the next time I update it will finally be with a cute picture of a baby on it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Surgery Update

I am tired of posting post that are not upbeat and I feel like I am complaining, so I wanted to wait until I had something different to blog about. No there is no baby yet and yes Chris still can't walk well, but today as Ryan and I were playing he has discovered that blankets are the best thing in the world to play Hide and Seek with. He had put his cars in the blanket and then started rolling around. It was so cute. I got some pictures for you to laugh at instead of hearing about our trials right now.

So now the fun updates.
Chris had his surgery on Thursday and things did not start out good. My parents came and picked up Ryan to have him stay with them. While I was leaving the house I locked the keys in the house, this has happened before so Chris tried to use a credit card to open it. Well he couldn't so my parents had to give us a ride to the surgery place because we were going to be late. Then we were told that the insurance company was denying Chris. I was so upset, so as they took Chris is I was on the phone with the school insurance. Well the mess with the insurance got straightened out. Chris went into surgery and it only lasted about and hour and an half. They came and got me when he finally woke up and was talking. The Doctor said that for as big as Chris was it looked like something exploded in his leg, but they got things cleaned up. I then had to call Chris' parents to come and pick us up since we didn't have a car or keys to the house. His parents tried to get our door open, but they couldn't either. So I just called my neighbor and got her husband to get some tools to open the door for us. He finally got it open so we got to come home to our house rather than to somebody else's house until I could call a locksmith. Chris was really tired when he came home and he just slept and hung out on the couch the whole weekend. He did get up and go to work today which I think is really good for him to be out of the house and concentrating on something else besides his foot.

As for me I am miserable and want this baby out. I thought I was in labor on Sat. so we went to the hospital and they said that I was just dehydrated and tired. I hadn't changed from the week before. That was really upsetting. I had my dr. appt today and I was only a 1 cent. with no change. The Dr. said let's wait another week and then we can make an appt. to induce if nothing had changed. I was really mad and cried of course, so now I am going to do whatever I can to put me into labor. I have been having lots of contractions, but apparently they are doing crap.

That is it for now I hope the next time I blog will be more uplifting or a baby, but I am counting it will be something more uplifting than a baby. So just keep checking!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I thought I would write and update everyone on what is going on with Chris and I. Yesterday was spent at the doctor's office. I had a dr. appt. and was hoping that something was happening and the doctor said nothing was happening. I was really upset since I have had a lot of contractions lately. I cried had my pity party with my friend next door and got over it. There is a reason why he isn't coming yet, I just need to be more patient. Then off to Chris appt. to see what was really wrong and what to do about it. Well he has a full rupture of the tendon and has to have surgery. The doctor said that this happens a lot with young guys that play basketball and he has even seen it happen with people playing church ball. He also said there was nothing Chris could do to prevent this and that this is a freak thing that just happens. So with that Chris is having surgery at an out patient surgery center on Thursday. He is a little nervous and really tired of this already. He went back to work today, because he is tired of staying on the couch with nothing to do since we have no t.v. Then later in the afternoon yesterday we had to take Ryan to the doctor because he is waking up about 6 every morning with a really bad cough and it has been making him throw up, so we found out his acid reflux might be back so we got a prescription and hoping that will work. Also he has a runny nose and a cough. I hope he get over this soon, because between the two of them, I am really tired. So that is the latest update with us. I will post another one after Chris gets his surgery on Thurs. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and comments.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hard times at the Rice's

Well this weekend was not what I expected. I was expecting I end up in the hospital having a new baby, but Chris decided he wanted to beat me there. Saturday he had another basketball game and while he was running he ended up tearing his Achilles Tendon. We ended up at the hospital for Xrays. Not what we wanted to be doing on our Sat. So he is down and can't walk, except to hop with some crutches to the bathroom. I have been running around trying to take care of him and Ryan. Not very easy when you are 9 months pregnant and have contractions of your own. So tomorrow we go to my dr. appt. and then to the Orthapedic Surgeon to see what is really wrong with it and maybe have to schedule surgery. On top of all of this we may not have insurance from the school to help us with this. Oh how we love the trials in our lives. Last night Chris slept on the couch and didn't want to sleep by himself, so I got the air mattress out and slept next to him. At about 6:00 a.m. Ryan got up crying and coughing, so he got to come down and sleep with mommy, so we were all having a sleepover. We all slept in until 10:30 which was nice. I will update when I know more about Chris or me.
fun sleepover