Monday, October 26, 2009

our happenings

I has some time, while Jackson napped to get caught up. I hope you enjoy our family. I finally finished up summer and will try to do better about keeping up. It is just hectic in our house lately so I will do my best. ENJOY!!

Jackson is 8 months!

I can't believe how fast time is flying. Jackson is already 8 months old. It is sad how fast your baby grows. This kid is a handful, he is our climber and likes to get into everything. He has discovered the stairs and love to go up them, and gets mad when I put the gate up. He loves Ryan and follows him everywhere. He also hates baby food, so we are having a hard time figuring out things to feed him. He is still chubby as always and has been put into the big boy carseat already. It is a facing forward carseat and he loves being able to see outside. He is learning about balance and really wants to walk and stand up by himself, but just quite can't figure it out. He is about 22 lbs and growing. He has the best smile and laugh and we love having him in our home.
He loves Popsicle's!
He loves his daddy

HAPPY 5th Anniversary!!

I didn't get to write on our anniversary so sorry it it late. We have been married for 5 years on Oct. 16th. I can't believe that it has been that long. It doesn't even feel like we have been together that long. Crazy how time flies when your in school and have two kids. We have had some great times and I am so happy that I married Chris. He is awesome, he is the best dad and husband. He is also my best friend and I love being with him. Happy anniversary Honey!!!

Chris tricked me for our anniversary. We were just planning on going to Utah and doing some things down there. He surprised me with a trip to LA and San Diego. I was so excited and couldn't believe that he did that. We flew into LA on Thursday night and stayed in a hotel there and then Friday morning we drove through LA a little and then headed down to San Diego. We had gone to San Diego on our honeymoon, so it was really fun to go back. We found our hotel and then headed to the beach on Coronado Island and played in the water and looked for shells. It was such a nice day, but the water was really cold. We then went back to the hotel and decided to walk around downtown. We went to there outdoor mall and looked around.
On Saturday we headed by the border and went to the outlet mall and to a flea market to find some t-shirts for the kids. It was really fun to be able to look across and see Mexico. We then headed to Mission Bay and went on this really fun wooden roller coaster on the beach. It was so much fun. We looked at the shops and we were going to play on the beach but it was really misty and you couldn't really see anything, not even the water until you were at the water. So we just found another place and just looked for shells because it was getting colder. That night we just walked around downtown again and went back to the hotel and ordered pizza while we watched a movie. We had so much fun and just had a great time relaxing from our hectic life.
Los Angeles Temple
San Diego Temple
On the beach

Nice hydrolics!
Lovely Mexico

All about Ryan

I haven't written about Ryan for a while. He is such a funny kid and growing up way to fast. He loves to play outside and right now is really sad that it is getting colder. He has discovered the computer and plays, playhouse disney games all the time. He has also discovered Scooby doo and loves to watch it. He is getting more and more used to having a little brother, but always tells me that Jackson is "Driving me Crazy" I am going to put some fun pictures of Ryan up for you to see.
He told me that his bike was really dirty so he washed his bike and then we went in the back and hosed it off. He had so much fun!
He loves to play Chris' Risk game, he calls it the horsey game. He gets mad because he can only play it when Jackson is sleeping.

Idaho Falls Zoo

This summer we went to the zoo. I wanted to take Ryan there, since the last time we went to a zoo was when he was a year old in Salt Lake. Ryan was so excited and couldn't stop talking about going. We went and there was a lot of things that were closed. We started at the petting zoo and Ryan got to pet the goats and comb their fur. He thought that was really fun, but everything else was under construction so that wasn't real great. We went through the zoo and the animals were all sleeping and either weren't outside or were sleeping so the zoo wasn't that great. The best part was that as we were leaving they were letting the penguins out for a walk and Ryan got to see them. He got in trouble for trying to pet one, but loved it anyway. It was kinda sad that there weren't many animals and wasn't that fun, so hopefully next year we can go to Salt Lake again. Here are pictures of our adventure.
Ryan combing the goats
Jackson loved being out of the stroller
Jackson thought the gorilla was really weird
The cute penguins

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jackson is 7 months!

Jackson is getting so big and is still chubbier than ever. He is now 7 months and getting into everything. He loves to crawl and is now standing up to anything that will keep him stable. He loves to follow mommy around and whine. He loves to play with Ryan if they play nice, but Jackson always ends up crying somehow. He hasn't been weighed officially, but we think he is about 22 lbs and close to getting into his big boy carseat. We are having trouble's with the whole baby food thing. He won't eat it very much, I don't know if this is because he is teething or if he just would rather eat a bottle or people food. So he eats lots of baby snacks and bottles, we are hoping that he will get over that real soon so he will eat more than just bottles. He got two bottom teeth in and are working on the top two. He has been sick lately with teething so he isn't much fun. We love to play with him and hear him giggle. He is such a fun and happy little boy!

He is better at crawling now, but this is so cute!
Such a chubby baby, at his cousin's birthday party!
He was crying until I put the camera up to his face and he would start to laugh