Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boys will be boys

I have been lazy and not been wanting to blog lately, but Chris is keeps telling me that I need to update so here we go. Jackson keeps me going daily, if he can get his hands on anything he dumps it out, candy, cookies, chips anything. I go around and clean up after him, he also likes to mess up whatever Ryan is playing with or doing. We love him a lot and just keep on dealing with him. He has discovered hats and loves to walk around in them, he is so funny and gets really excited when he finds one. His two favorite right now are a cowboy hat and mickey mouse ears.
Jackson is learning new words but his in no hurry to really talk. He has is own mumbling language that works for him. He knows dog, hot dog, thank you, daddy, mommy, grandma and grandpa and he calls Ryan, Wywy. Chris thinks he should be speaking a lot more, but he will speak when he wants to. Jackson has a little bit of a pigeon toe and a little bow leg. We have been talking to the doc and they are going to look at it more at his 18 mon. checkup. We will probably have to go to a orthopedic dr, I will update when we know more.

Ryan is growing so fast everyday. He loves to ask questions and sometimes I don't know how to explain to him the answers. I usually will have Chris answer because he can explain better. He was riding with training wheels until one day I was fixing his bike and Ryan lost a nut to the training wheels so Chris decided he need to learn how to ride a bike. He learned had to ride in about three days and went on his first real bike ride with us after about 4 days of learning. We went to go get ice cream on the other side of town by our old house. We ended up riding 6 miles and going up the big hill up to the temple. He did awesome only complaining a couple of times. While we were hiking up the hill I was telling Ryan how good he was doing and he said "Mom, that is because I am a super kid" I laughed and said that is right Ryan you are a super kid. He is so funny with the things he is saying. He picks up on everything and loves to play the Wii and to eat. This kid is always hungry lately, probably a growth spurt. He keeps asking when he is going to go back to school and I keep telling him that it is summer and most kids don't go to school in the summer. I am trying to get him in to the school at the college and hope I do or he will get really mad at me. He tells people that I won't let him go to school. Ryan also loves the water and to swim. The other day we went to St. Anthony where they have a little place to play in the river. They have a diving board, so Ryan of course had to try it. He jumped off all by himself and loved it. He has learned how to doggy paddle and of course he wears a life jacket.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My new haircut

This is my new haircut. I went over to my friends yesterday and she pampered me all day. She colored and cut my hair however she wanted and this is what came out. It is totally different then I have ever done and I love it. Thanks again Natalie!!!