Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas party and fun times

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted, I have just been really lazy. We went to Boise to go to Chris' family Christmas party the weekend before Christmas. We had a couple of days to hang with friends and family. On Friday we hung out with our friends Brian and Wendy and ended up at the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Ryan discovered the escalator and wanted to play on it, so while we were waiting for Wendy, Chris took him up and let him go down and up by himself. He was so cute holding onto the railing and just taking the ride. I was a little sad, because he is getting so big and loves to do things on his own. He thought this was the greatest thing ever. Then he got a little brave and started to climb the stairs while riding.
We also tried to sit on Santa's lap again, but Ryan was not having any of it. We also went out to eat with Chris' sister and dad, and at the place there was a motorcycle game that Ryan asked to ride on, so Chris sat on the back and helped him play. He loved it.
On Saturday we headed over to Chris' grandmother's house for the Christmas party. They did the nativity and
Ryan and Chris were wise men, Ryan
did really understand what was going on we had lots of fun and Ryan got spoiled with lots of gifts from Great Grandma Rice.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Letter

This year I thought that more people would read a letter this way then if I sent something in the mail. I haven't written a letter about us in a while so I will just update on us this year.

Chris is still in school and hopefully will be done with in the next year or half. It feels like we have been in school forever, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He really enjoys school here at BYU-Idaho and his classes. He is studying Business Management with emphasis in Finance. He is such a trooper, he has been going to school on Mon, Wed, Fri. all day until 3:00 and then trying to fit in about 2 hrs of work and then on Tues. Thurs. working a full day. It has been crazy and we haven't seen much of him, but we are sure proud of what he is doing for our family. We used to take Chris to school and Ryan used to say, "Mom I go to daddy's school to" I would tell him he would have to wait. Chris is off the next semester and is looking forward to just working and relaxing with the family. He is lucky to be working for a Dish satelite company. He has been working there for about a year now and loving it. He has been doing sales and now his boss has him working with the finances to give Chris experience in this field.

Ryan is growing so much everyday. It is crazy to think that he will be three soon. It has been fun this year to see him learn how to speak better and to watch him learn about the world he lives in. He has learned his alphabet and is now working on learning to recognize his letter, he just learned his colors and loves to tell me what color everythingn is. He is learning new words like crazy, it is funny what this little guy comes up with. He is growing really tall and people can't believe that he is only 2. He is wearing about what a 4 year old is wearing and growing more each day. We moved in may to a town home in Rexburg and he has had lots of friends that live by us and have had a great time getting to know them. During the Summer we would just go outside and play with everyone. Now that it is snowing, it isn't much fun to just stay in so we try to take turns watching each other's kids, so they don't go crazy. We are excited for him to turn 3 and what that has to bring this next year. I can't believe my baby is already that old.

We have had lots of fun this year. We have been camping lots of times and visited with family. We are expecting our second in Feb. so we have been mainly focused on getting ready for that and getting Ryan ready for the idea of a baby brother. Bethany is ready for the baby to come already, but can't believe how fast it has gone. She is still loving staying at home with Ryan and keeping the house in order. Bethany's parents came home from a mission in November and she has been loving having them so close to go visit and be with them.

We hope everyone has a good Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love, The Rice's
Chris, Bethany, Ryan and Baby

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun Sunday family night

On Sunday's we have been trying to be better about not watching t.v. and just hanging out with each other. We usually let Ryan pick some movies to watch together. Well this Sunday we were just playing with Ryan and got out his sleeping bag and taught him how to go down our stairs in the sleeping bag. It was so funny to watch him go down. Of course Chris was at the bottom of the stairs to catch Ryan and we told Ryan we only do this when mom and dad are with him. He was having lots of fun. After that fun time we all sat down together and watch Sword in the Stone and ate Popcorn. What a fun time we had just being together! I have a video of Ryan going down the stairs, but don't laugh to hard at me!

We also put up a decoration on our kitchen table and Ryan loves to play with it so Chris got some pictures of him playing with it.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Lights

Last night Chris decided we needed to put our Christmas decorations. We put the tree up and then he went outside and put up the lights outside. Ryan loved it, he got to go outside and help. We still need to decorate our christmas tree with ornaments, but we at least have the lights on it. What a fun time of year we are at. I love this time of season and can't wait to teach Ryan more about christmas now that he is understanding more and more. The other day he was looking at a toys r us ad and decided he wanted a fire engine. He kept asking for one and I told him he had to wait until Santa brought it. It is fun because we went and saw Santa and he is understanding who he is.

Happy Thanksgiving

This year Chris and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house for his family. His sister came into town and his parents came over for a nice meal. I got to cook my very first turkey, made gravy for the first time and made rolls from scratch. It was really fun to cook it and it was really easy. After dinner we played games with his sister and her husband the rest of the night. The next morning I got up and went shopping with Chris' sister. We didn't get up to early but we got what we wanted and had lots of fun just girls shopping. What a wonderful season to be with family and lots to be thankful for.

Monday, November 24, 2008

To Boise we go

So since gas prices have been going down, Chris said we needed to take advantage of it before they went up again and go on a road trip. We decided to go to Boise to visit our friends and family there. Chris' parents said they would like to come with us, so Friday we got in the car and went to Boise. Chris and I decided we wanted to stay with our friends Brian and Wendy since we don't get to spend much time with them. It was fun to see them and hang out. Also there little girl Kenzie and Ryan got a long well and loved having each other to play with. We just went to the mall and a couple of stores, but not much for the weekend. We have been looking at a comforter for Ryan's room that is Boise State, so we searched for that while we were there. We found one and put it on his bed when we got home. Ryan was so excited he kept jumping on his bed. He also found a Boise State bike that fit him perfectly while we were at the store. He was starting to get the hang of it, but we had to go. He was so upset about it, so he may be getting a bike for his birthday. Anyways we also hung out with Chris' sister and Brother in law at there new house. On Sat. we did get to hang out with some other friends of ours Sherm and Juliette. We went to dinner with them and Brian, Wendy. It is fun to have friends that we can catch up with and see how they are doing. We had lots of fun, but are very glad we are home and now are thinking about the holiday coming up.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I was tagged again!

I was tagged.
The rules of the tag are simple....I have to post 7 random little known facts about me and then task 7 more people to do the same.
so here we go

1. My parents went to Israel before I was born and that is how they came up with my name Bethany. I was named after the town

2. My second toe is freakishly longer than my first toe.

3. I can play the Clarinet, even though I haven't played since my freshman year in High School.

4. I love candy and sometimes it gets really bad. I am not the only one in my family that has a sweet tooth.

5. I met Jerry Springer at the Plaza hotel in New York City. He bumped into me as I was coming out of the bathroom. ( I have a picture, just not digital)

6. I hate being called Beth. My name is Bethany not Beth

7. I love to wear PJ's. If I could that is all I would ever wear. I am in them by 6:00 every night. I get it from my mother.

The people I want to tag are:
Jessi Morgan

Crazy Week

This past week and weekend have been lots of fun and crazy. Monday the 4th my parents came home from their mission. Ryan and I met them at their house this a sign and balloons. It was fun to see them and actually know they are close. We helped clean out their car and put some stuff away. Then this past weekend my brother and Sister's came in to town for their homecoming talks and luncheon. It was fun to see everyone and visit. Ryan loves to play with his cousins and everyday since we came home he asks to play with them. Chris took Ryan home on Sat. night while I stayed at my parents with my sister's and had a sleepover. It was nice to have a break by myself and let the boys have a night together. The next morning we went and listened to my parents give their talks. It was really fun to hear their experiences of what they did and how they helped so many people. I know they will miss their mission, but I am so glad to have them home, especially since I am having a baby soon. I just need my mom in times like this.

We had a fun time on Sat. and Sun, but came home and Sun. night Chris got the flu and was up all night. Chris stayed home from school sick and I wasn't feeling very well, so we sent Ryan to Chris' parents so he wouldn't get sick. Well as Chris was feeling better, I got really sick and we found out the Ryan did get sick after all. We all just stayed home and inside on Tues. to feel better. I hate when we are all sick, but I hope that this is over for the season. So sorry no pictures this time, nothing really exciting for pictures anyways.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had a really fun Halloween with Ryan this year. He is starting to understand the concept more each year. It is crazy that is understands so much. He really didn't know what he wanted to be so daddy decided that he should be superman. We found a costume at the store. The first time we tried it on he wasn't so sure, but after a while he kept saying, "I'm superman." He loves it and wants to wear all the time. We dyed his hair black, which was not a fun experience. He loved being able to walk and get the candy. He didn't want to say trick or treat, so he just grabbed the candy and left. We have got to keep working on that for next year. So hope you enjoy the photos.

Pumpkin Carving

Chris likes to wait until the day of Halloween or the day before to carve pumpkins. This year we did it before we took Ryan out. Chris' parents came over to celebrate with us. This year someone made Boise State templates to carve pumpkins so of course that is what he did. We just carved a simple smiley face on Ryan's and I was tired of carving, so just took a sharpie marker and wrote our name on it. I know really lazy, but it still worked. After Ryan's was done, he had to be like dad, so he carved his pumpkin.

Trunk or Trick

On thursday we went to our ward's trunk or treat. He had lots of fun and ran around with all his little friends from nursery. We just had table's up in the Cultural hall and walked to each table. It was fun to see all the fun costumes. Ryan thought this was great because he got candy and what more could you want as a little kid.
This is Ryan's friend Kenzie, they love to play together

His friend Ryder

Flag Football

Chris decided that he wanted to play football this year. The ward started a flag football team, so Chris played on the team. Chris really wanted to play for the school in the intramural teams, where they have the full pads but he didn't go to the meeting on time and missed it. He is going to try next year to play on that team. Anyways he played with the ward and loved it. He was the quarterback and played a little defense. They did really good, but got beat in the first round of the tournament. He loved it and hopes to be playing basketball in the winter time on a intramural team so stayed tuned on that one.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Names

I put up a poll of the names so far that we like for this new baby boy. Vote and let us know which one you like. We will be updating and added new names every time we find a new one. If you have a suggestion just put it in the comments.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures from Jackson

Here are the pictures from our trip!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our weekend away

This weekend Chris surprised me with a trip to Jackson, in a really nice hotel, in a suite. We left Ryan with Chris' parents on Friday and went off on our journey. It was such a pretty drive up there. We got there and decided to drive around and figure out a place to eat. They have lots of little ritzy places and bars, so we decided on the steakhouse that we across the street from our hotel. It was awesome food, but horrible service. The plus side is they had a huge screen right where we were so we watch some of the BSU game while eating. We then rented a movie at redbox and went back to the hotel and watched the movie. It is nice to just relax and not have to worry about putting a kid to bed. We got up and went around Jackson. We stopped at the Ripley's believe it or not museum, little pricey, but really interesting. We then took a drive that the lady at our hotel said was a great place to go look at the Tetons. The place is where a lot of Celebrity's have some houses. We didn't know who's was who so we took a picture and headed home. It was so fun to get away just the two of us once in a while. For some reason, I can't get my pictures to load so again another post without pictures. I will keep trying and get the pictures up for you.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is our 4th anniversary. It is crazy to think that it has already been four years since we got married. It is true when people say that life goes by faster as you get older. It has been a great 4 years being married to Chris. It has been an adventure trying to put two lives together. I wish that I had pictures to put of our wedding, but the cd that I got doesn't have any pictures on it. It made me sad that I don't have anything to show for this great day. I just want to say that I love my husband and am glad that we met and married. We have our issues, but for the most part we have lots of fun together and he really is my best friend in the whole world. Just wanted to tell everyone about this special day for us. LOVE YA CHRIS!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


8 t.v. shows I love to watch..

The Biggest Loser
One Tree Hill
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (with Ryan)
Little Einsteins (with Ryan)
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Amazing Race
The Hills
Super why (with Ryan)

8 favorite restaurants..
Olive Garden
The little Mexican place in Kuna ( I love that place to. Don't know the name, but Great!!)
Red Robin

8 things that happened yesterday..
1-Cleaned my bedroom
2-Cleaned Ryan's Room
3-looked at stuff online
4-Started laundry
5-Folded laundry
6-Rested for just a little while
7-Talked to my friend Brittany
8-Went to my husband's flag football game at 10:30 at night. Cold and tiring!!

8 things I'm looking forward to..
Seeing My Parents, YEAH only a couple more weeks!!
My baby being born!
Spending time with my mom
The day Chris graduates
Ryan being potty trained
My 4th anniversary

8 things on my wish list..
To have someone come and clean my house for me
A really good wardrobe
My baby to be healthy
Have Ryan be interested in potty training
A good life for my kids
Another scrapbooking weekend with the girls
For the snow not to come just yet, maybe in a couple of months

8 people who I'm tagging..
Laura C.
Jessica M

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Pictures

I finally convinced Chris that we needed to get new family pictures taken. The one we have hanging in our house is one we took at Christmas time before Ryan was a year old. We need a new one, so My sister Nicole came down and wanting family pictures so we went down to the Greenbelt in IF and took some fun pictures. Here are some of our favorites.

IT'S A.....

Well sorry it has taken me so long to write this, but the day we found out what our baby was our computer cord stopped working, so we had to wait until we could get a new one. If you don't already know, we are having another BOY. We are excited and hope some day we can have a little girl. I already know how to raise a boy so it will be fun. It was a little surprising when we were in the ultrasound room but we are happy. The ultrasound pictures we got, he looks really cute. I will try to get them on my blog when I figure out how to do that. Ryan is so excited and always comes over and kisses my belly and says hi to his baby brother. I set up the crib already to figure out room to put stuff. He now calls the baby, baby bear. I haven't figured out why he says that yet. We will keep you updated on the pregnancy.
Also we don't have any names for boys in mind, so if you have any good ones put it in the comments and I will post what the top names are.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tired week

This past week, Ryan and I went to Boise with Chris' parents to help them pack up their house. They sold their house and closed on it on thursday, so we had only a couple of days to pack up the whole house. We took lots of things to DI and went through a lot of boxes. I am exhausted from packing and then we had to finish packing up cars on Friday morning and then driving to Rexburg, friday night. We didn't leave from Boise until 5:00 so it was a very long and tiring drive. The fun thing for me was I got to drive the big moving truck half way to Burley, because we couldn't figure out a way to Chris' dad to fit in the truck. That was a little scary, but very fun. It didn't have cruise control, so my leg hurt really bad. Once we got to Burley we figured out a way to fit his dad in the truck and he drove it to Rexburg. I am excited to finally be home since I had only been home less than 24 hrs before I left for Boise.

Scrapbook Convention

So the convention has come and gone. I went down with my sister LaDawn to Salt Lake and met up with my other sisters to have a day of scrapbooking and girl time. We had tons of fun shopping for supplies and scrapping. It got a little crazy at about 9:30 at night, when we all started to get tired. My niece got to join the big girls and come with us. It was fun to share this with her this year. I hope she gets to join us again next time. Thanks to her we got some great pictures at the convention. Here are some fun pictures from the night. P.S. The reason we are around a chair of paper, was Nicole wanted to sell some paper that she had and didn't want to take home. It was a nice weekend to just be alone. On Saturday after the convention LaDawn and I went to NPS and then we went to Temple Square and went to the Church museum and the Genealogy library. It was nice not to have to keep track of a 2year old and just being able to see things. We then walked thru temple square and went to the Beehive house (Brigham Young's house) I had never been there so that was a treat. We then went out for lunch and ended our day with a nap. I had the best time to just be with my sister and relax. What a great time!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The happenings of the Rice's

Not much has happened with us to report, but I will let you all know what has been going on. We went to the Eastern Idaho Fair. It was so fun, we started with the petting zoo and Ryan was a little scared at first and then loved all the baby goats that were walking around. He wanted to get in the pen and play with the ducks. After that we went and decided to buy some tickets to ride some rides. The one ride Chris wanted to ride was the ferris wheel, but they wouldn't let us bring Ryan on so Ryan got to ride the rides. Of course when I really want to take a picture, my camera stops working. We need a new camera. He got to ride on a helicopter with daddy and got to ride a car around a track. Chris wanted to play one game so we decided on the fish game. Chris spent 2 dollars and got 8 ping pongs. Chris threw the first 5 and made one into the fish bowl, then Ryan wanted to play, so he threw them and made one. We ended up paying $5 for a container to take the 2 fish home in. For 7 dollars we ended up with two fish. Ryan loves them, we don't know how long they are going to last, but we had fun.
We have just been cleaning our house and rearranging it to have enough room for another kid in this house. You don't really know how much stuff you have until you start trying to make room. We are excited for this baby to come and more excited to find out what it is. Maybe next post will be more exciting than this one.
Ryan loves to eat sandwiches outside on our back porch

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Camp out

Baby Afton chilling in the camping chair

Playing in the fun tree (this is the tree that fell)

Hanging out on the beach

Kids thought it was fun to bury Uncle Chris in the sand!!

Weekend Family Campout

This past weekend we went on a camp out with Bethany's brother and Sisters. We went up to a campground north of Logan. It was a fun campground and nice to get up there and relax. We set up and then just chatted with everyone that was up there and waited for the others to get there. The next day on Sat. we all went up to Bear Lake to go swimming and play at the beach. It was so beautiful to see the lake as we were driving in. We had lots of fun in the water and sand, even though it was windy. The water was a little cold at first, but not bad. Back at the campsite we ate dinner and then just sat and chatted. My brother in law say lightning so we started to put everything away into the cars in case of rain. We got finished and in our tents at the right moment it started to rain. Not a big rainstorm though. The next morning the big kids and some of the guys went on a hike that was only supposed to be a small one and turned out to be a 3 hour 8 mile hike. OOPS!! Oh well they had fun. At around 4:30 we saw clouds roll in and a big gust of wind came up and broke down a tree in our campsite, luckily most of the kids were in my sister's truck watching a movie. My sister in law, her little boy and my niece were out there, but only got brushed by the branches. At that moment it started to rain and we all decided to pick up and go home. We didn't want anymore trees to fall on us. So we packed up, well more like throw everything in the truck and was out of there before the big rain started. Chris couldn't see out the back window on the way home we stuffed the truck up so much. We were sad that we had to leave early, but we were ready. We went home through Preston and the rain did not stop until we got back on the freeway. That wouldn't have been fun to sit in the tent with a two year old for that long. That was our fun trip this past weekend. I will post pictures in another post.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun family night

Last night Chris came home and thought it would be fun to go take Ryan to his first movie. Ryan has been to the movie when he was a baby, so we really wasn't watching it. We went and saw Kung Fu Panda. He got bored at the slow parts, but he loved the experience. It was free popcorn night so that was fun and it occupied Ryan with something. He loves popcorn. It was a very fun movie and now we want to take him to see lots more.

Great weekend !!

I had a great weekend, with my sisters and no kids. We all got together on Friday afternoon at my parents house and started a weekend of fun. We went out to dinner and worked on whatever projects we needed to get done. We also laughed a lot and ate a lot. We watched tons of movies and went shopping. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.