Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our little scriptorian

We were walking home from church and Ryan wanted to carry Chris' scriptures home. When we got home he sat down on our front step and started reading his scriptures. It was so cute that I had to take pictures to share with everyone.

Bike Ride and a fun picnic

One Saturday we decided to put the bikes in the back of our truck and drove to Idaho Falls and went on a bike ride around the Greenbelt. We had so much fun and even stopped to feed the ducks. Jackson doesn't like the bike trailer that much, but he is getting used to it. I took a video of Ryan feeding the ducks, it is really cute.

Ryan had lots of fun feeding the ducks. We had lots of fun doing that.
That next day was Sunday and was a great day so we decided to go on another picnic at the same spot that we had gone the previous weekend. We made a good lunch and took the bikes and headed up to the mountains. We had a good lunch and Ryan loved that he could run and play. We thought we would find a trail and go on a bike ride. So by the time we got everything together the mosquito's were really bad. We biked for like 2 minutes and then hurried and packed up the kids before we got attacked. We had a lot of fun except the bugs.
Jackson loving being outside
Ryan our little model

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking for Camping spots

Chris loves this time of year because he can scout out new camping spots for the summer. A couple of weeks ago we went up by Mesa falls and found a new campground. It was a little scary getting there because it was a dirt road and there was still some snow. We took our truck and had to have it in four wheel drive the whole time. We almost got stuck a couple of times which scared me, but we made it. We brought a picnic and ate. We then went to Big Springs to see the fishy. There was still lots of snow and only 2 fish. Ryan wasn't so happy about there not being many fish, but we still had fun.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jackson at 2 months

We took Jackson to the Dr. for his 2 month check up. He weighs 12 lbs and is 24 inches long. He has doubled in weight since the last time we took him there. He is such a chubby baby, but we love that about him. He is such a good baby, he is smiling and cooing at us. He is a really good baby very calm, but when he is hungry or tired he can get really mad at you. He is doing better at nights and gives us at least 4 hours to sleep. Ryan loves him and sometimes loves him too much and kinda bugs him. He loves to pat him on the head and to have Jackson sit by him and share his blankets. Ryan is growing bigger everyday to. He wants to go to school so bad, so I have been looking for preschools to put him in the fall. Both boys have been sick since we got home from Boise. Which Ryan doesn't like because I would let him go outside. He has been really bored sitting inside.
The only new thing is Chris has started school again and so he has been busy with school and work. We are adjusting to his new schedule and trying to find time to still spend time together. Here are some cute new pictures of the kids.
We actually had a warm day so we went on a bike ride, Jackson liked it and fell asleep
Ryan thought this was so fun to push Jackson in the stroller
Ryan loves to feed Jackson and share his blankets
Jackson has discovered t.v. He loves to watch baby einsteins and playhouse disney with Ryan
Jackson and daddy They look so much alike

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Trip to Boise

At the end of April we went over to Boise because Chris's brother got home from his mission and wanted to go home to Boise. I went over early with Chris parents so I could spend time with the Thompson's. I had so much fun visiting with Wendy and Ryan loved to play with their little girl Kenzie. We just relaxed and shopped. I had the best time having girl time and being taken care of by her. We sure miss them since we have moved to Rexburg, I can't wait until we move back closer to them.
Chris brother Michal came home on Friday afternoon so we met him at the airport and then went and got lunch. We spent the rest of the day at Chris' sister house and hung out. Saturday we went and took family pictures which they turned out really cute even though it was really windy and cold. That night we had a barbeque and just hung out some more. We got to see family on Sunday at his homecoming and brunch we had. All in all it was a great and fun weekend.
The whole family
our lovely little family
Aren't they the cutest!!
Holly and Lane
Ryan at the airport with Michal
Kenzie and Ryan playing in his sleeping bag, such good friends