Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mesa Falls and Big Springs

While it was nice on a Saturday, we decided to up towards Island Park and go to Mesa Falls. We haven't taken the boys there yet so we thought they would like it. We went at the right time and it was free which was great. Ryan loved it and thought the water was cool. Jackson was a little scared, but didn't want to leave the water. I haven't been there since I was little and forgot how pretty and relaxing it was. What a hike up the stairs though, we also got a workout, since I had to carry Jackson since we had the stroller.

on our way down to the falls, it is nice to have someone to push the stroller

Then we had to go to Big Springs where you can feed the fishes. We go every year multiple times and the kids love it. Ryan know when we go up to Island Park we have to feed the fishes. This is the first time Jackson really knew what was going on. He loved it and wanted to just jump right in with them. We have found that the fish love cheese, so we always bring some kraft singles with us. Ryan always asks me if we brought the cheese.
He loved to look at the stream and wanted to go into it.
My cute boys!!

Boys update!

I found some pictures still on my camera so I have some pictures to post. I thought I would update on the boys. They are doing great and growing so much.
Ryan is learning more about recognizing letters and have been working on workbooks. He is so sad that he can't go back to school and asks me all day if he can go back to school I am trying to get him in for the fall season at the College. He doesn't understand why he has to go to church every week but can't go to school. I told him church is free and anyone can go. He is really funny and saying the funniest things. We are learning that he remembers a lot and do be more careful what we watch with him and say. He has discovered Star Wars and we have been fun watching all of them with him. He keeps us on our toes and way fun to be with.
Jackson is growing up way to fast. He is starting to sign more and say more things. Today he has started saying dog so that we can understand him more. He is a monkey climbing on everything, he climbs on our couches and then climbs on onto the next couch. He has also started to try and jump. It is hilarious!! I will have to get a video of it soon. He is a daredevil and has a lot of courage. He can climb up our stool and play in the sink, so I have to keep the sick pretty clean. He is so funny and so cute that he melts our hearts. He is hard to discipline because he looks at us with those big blue eyes, we are in trouble. We love him and the joy he brings to our home.
At Aunt Vicki's house he was pulling the stuffing out of the chair and giggling as he did it
This is what I found while cleaning another room, he was eating the soap, YUMMY!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sad Day

Our computer crashed and we had to reboot everything. I lost all my pictures, but we did a recovering program that should get our pictures back. It may be a while till I put more pictures up, which makes me sad because I have lots of cute pictures to post. Hope I can find all my pictures.