Sunday, January 25, 2009

Basketball Time

I thought I would keep everyone updated on what Chris has been up to these days. He feels left out when I only post about Ryan. Chris got on the competitive league at school, he is on the Hawks team. The only thing that is bad about playing is he has practice at 6:00 a.m. twice a week. He has done really good about getting up so far. He then comes home changes and goes to work by 8 a.m. This past Saturday was his first game so I took some pictures to show everyone. He is number 50 and he is in the Maroon Jersey. His team won by one point and he scored 10 points. That is really good, since he wasn't a starter and came off the bench.

Ryan is such a boy!!

I thought I would just post about funny things Ryan has done this past week. Nothing major has happened with the baby so this post is all about Ryan. He is definitely a 2 year old lately. He has an attitude with us. He loves the word no and he has learned how to talk back. I wonder where kids learn that. But he is getting more funny everyday on the phrases and words he picks up. We still love him and can't believe how much he has grown. Here are some random pictures of Ryan being funny.
Ryan doing shoulder excercises
The naked Guitarist

Ryan thought it was funny to take his clothes off and put his shirt on as pants.
What a silly Boy!!!
Playing video games with dad!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

One last fun trip

Chris came home last week and suggested we go to Utah for one last trip before the baby was born. We needed to get some things that my sister was giving us for the baby. I was a little worried in case something happened, but I was fine and things went well. We got there on Friday night and just talked. Saturday morning we got up and went to the DI in Layton, to see if they had any good strollers. We gave away our stroller that came with our car seat, so we needed one. We found one online that was a good price and it is pretty new. We were excited about that! Anyways we found some fun things at the DI for the baby. We then went to lunch at Chris' favorite place, Panda Express. We don't have one here so whenever we go anywhere that has one we have to eat there. Saturday night we invited my other two sisters and there families over and we snacked and played a really fun game. We played Ticket to Ride, very interesting game that is something I would love to get someday. We had lots of fun being with family and catching up. Ryan also had lots of fun with all of his cousins that were there. That night my sister's boys wanted to have a sleep over in the living room so Ryan decided to lay by them. That did not last long, but he gave it a try. We headed home on Sunday after a fun day of hanging out. It was a nice getaway, but we wish it was longer.
I went to the doctor today and he said things look good, so we just sit and wait until he wants to come. I am getting anxious and ready for him to get here. It almost seems like it isn't real that we are going to have another one, but it will be fun.
Playing Rock band with daddy

Side note: My dad had shoulder surgery for the second time this past month, so we has to do exercises at home. We were over there and Ryan wanted to help papa with his exercises that day. I thought it was really cute.

Friday, January 16, 2009


We are going to close the name poll. I think we are going to go with Jackson Christopher, unless he looks like another name. I hope he doesn't though because we don't have another name picked out. We are getting prepared for baby by getting things in order. I want to be prepared for this baby, I wasn't to prepared for Ryan since he came so early. We are ready to see what this little looks like and how Ryan reacts to him. He is always talking about baby brother's bed that we put up in Ryan's room. Chris' gave me a prenatal massage for Christmas, so today I decided I better get it done. What a wonderful experience!! I recommend this to everyone, if I was rich I would get one done once a week the last month of my pregnancy. Other than the baby coming, Chris is off this semester from school so he is just working. He tried out for a competitive basketball league and got on a varsity team. He is really excited except he has to practice at 6:00 am which he is not looking forward to but excited to be able to play basketball again. I am excited for him to be able to do something for himself. Not much else is happening with us, just everyday life. We will keep everyone posted on baby news.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year

For New Year's my sister and her family came down to from Utah to hang out so we went down to my parents and hung out and played games with everyone. Then we hung out and ate snacks until the ball dropped. It isn't as excited anymore when you start having kids and grow up because you can't really party much. It was still really fun. Then next day we hung out more with my sister and Chris and my brother-in-law took the kids sledding again. They loved it.

Not much else has happened since then, we have just been thinking more and preparing more for this baby that is coming soon. We are way excited for this little boy to come to our home and I am more than ready for it to be over.

Christmas and more

Sorry this has taken a while, our computer cord broke again, so we had to wait almost two weeks to get us a new one, so here we go.
For Christmas we hung out at Bethany's parents house and with her sister and her family. We decided to stay the night so we could wake up and have Christmas with them. Christmas eve we went to dinner with Chris' parents, Bethany's parents and her sister's family. It was way fun to be all together. We then went and looked at lights, then back to the parent's house for the traditional hot chocolate and donuts. Bethany's sister came over and brought a fun game, so we decided to play. It was lots of fun.
So we decided that Ryan really didn't need a lot of toys since he has a big closet full of toys so this year we just got him one big toy and a couple of other little things he wanted. He ended up with a great christmas with lots of new things. I woke up at 7:45 and gave Ryan and Chris till 8:00 a.m and then woke them up. Ryan was so excited to get his fire engine and Mr. Potatoe head.
It was a very quiet and great christmas. Chris took Ryan and my nephews sledding and Ryan went down the hill by himself. I was a little scared to know that he went by himself, but apparently he loved it.
The next day was Chris' birthday so we lounged around in the morning and then we went to IF to Olive Garden and then to exchange some presents. We then went bowling to the bowling alley here in Rexburg. It was way fun, then came home and had cupcakes.