Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rice Family Reunion

We went up to our brother -in -laws ranch up by McCall for our family reunion this year. We had such a fun time. The cabin was super nice and lots of stuff to do around the ranch. We went four wheeling, which has become Ryan's favorite thing to do. We couldn't get him off of it. The best part was just hanging out with family and relaxing. There was a nice porch out back and we just sat in chairs, read books and talked. It was nice to talk to Chris' sister and mom. We also went up by a river, had lunch and played in the water. We didn't to a ton of stuff, but had a great time just relaxing, playing games and being together as a family. What a great time we had!!!
They had a smaller 4-wheeler for Ryan, he loved it
Grandpa Rice got on the 4-wheeler
Even Grandma Rice went for a ride with Holly
Playing by the creek with Grandma
Jackson loved playing with the cowsLane and Holly hanging out after dinnerMike and his girlfriend Melissa lounging aroundGrandma and her boys
Grandpa and his boys
Lane posing for a picture, showing us all his manly body

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yellowston fun

Our good friends the Thompson's came and visited us here and of course we went camping as always. We found a really good camp site by the reservoir. We went to Mesa falls and up to Sawtelle. The next day was the free day at Yellowstone so we decided that would be fun to go. We spent the whole day there going to old faithful, painted pots, and lots of other good places. The kids had lots of fun and loved to see all the animals. We had such a good time and are glad when we get to hang out with the Thompson family.
Jackson and Sadie playing together
The boys love to camp

Summer Fun

Not much has been happening this summer. We have gone to the park, bike rides and played with friends. Chris has been working and getting ready for his last semester of school. We are really excited about that, but scared about the real world we have to go into again. It has been a nice cushy little life here in Rexburg, but we are ready to move on. The kids are growing so big and they are getting crazier everyday. Jackson is the cutest and most destructive kid, he has to dump everything out and throw it across the room. He is learning more words everyday, but still likes his own language of grunts and screams. Ryan is getting excited to go back to school. I found a preschool in someones home to go to. He keeps asking me when school starts and won't stop talking about it. It will be good for him to get away from me and get to socialize with other kids. I can't believe how big Ryan is getting and how curious he is about things. He is to smart for his own good and asking questions about everything.