Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jackson is 6 months

I can't believe how fast time is going. Jackson is now 6 months old. He is a chubby little thing weighing in at 20 lbs and 27 1/2 inches. He has started eating more foods, but isn't quite sure about the whole thing. I forgot how hard it was having to remember to feed someone like that again. Ryan will eat whatever I am eating so he is easy. He is sort of scooting/crawling. He gets up on all fours and then flattens to his belly and scoots and then back up on all fours. He hates that he can't go faster and gets really frustrated about it. I can't believe how big he is getting and almost want him to stop because soon he won't be a baby anymore. He is really fun to play with and a very calm baby for the most part. He just plays on the floor and rolls around until he gets what he wants to play with.
My favorite church outfit, Chris doesn't like the hat, but I love it.
One night we went on a bike ride and I got Jackson out of the back of the bike and I set him by Chris the next thing I know he is asleep next to him. It was really cute!
This was when we went to Old Faithful.

So far behind

I am sorry, I have so much to blog about our fun summer activities. I don't get much time to myself on the computer these days. So it will be lots of pictures. Here we go

We went to Rigby lake with some of our neighbors one Saturday and Ryan loved it. He got to play in the water and sand with his friend Ty. Jackson wasn't to sure about the water or the sand.

Ryan came to sacrament meeting from Primary with these paper ears on his head. I thought it was so cute and that they had just learned about ears in primary. Then he started talking about how he was like President Monson and started to wiggle his ears. That is so clever. They learned about Pres. Monson by telling him the ears story. He now loves Pres. Monson and talks about it all the time.

We went to the Splash Park and played in the water, and Ryan's little friend Ella was there so they played together.

Since Jackson has gotten huge, we tried on some pj's that Chris' Aunt bought for the boys a while ago. They are 12 month jammies and actually fit him. So we put them on one night and had to take pictures. Ryan loves that he has matching stuff with Jackson.

Here are some random pictures of the boys and us.