Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jackson is finally 1!!

I can't believe that this has finally come. It doesn't seem that a year has pasted by already. I have been really sad about this child turning one. I think with your first one you are so excited that he is growing up that you want all those things to come because you never been there before. Now with the second you want them to stay a baby as long as they can. I almost cried when his birthday got closer. We had lots of fun celebrating his birthday. We went out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa Rice on his real birthday and then had a big celebration on Sat. with our family.
Jackson loves Mickey Mouse so we decided to have a Mickey Mouse party. We made him a Mickey mouse cake for him to eat and also had a mickey mouse pinata. We loved having the cousins that could come be with us to celebrate.

The birthday cakes and decorations.
his birthday present from us. He loves his couch.
Ryan hitting the pinata
all the cousins picking up the yummy candy!
The beautiful Minnie Mouse Afton!
He wasn't really into the cake, he tried for a little bit and then just cried.
The cute jammies that Grandma Williams made him along with a pillow for his bed. Aren't they cute!!

We had a very fun time celebrating Jackson birthday!