Thursday, April 16, 2009


Our Easter wasn't that exciting. On Wednesday last week we got invited to a easter egg hunt with our friends down the way. They had one as an enrichment activity so we went and did that. Ryan had so much fun playing with his friends and finding the eggs. On Saturday we thought we would go down to Idaho Falls and go the big Easter egg hunt at the park. Since we are still trying to figure out how to get ready with two kids, we ended up being late and missing it all. We let Ryan play at the park and then headed home. I was not feeling good so I just rested for most of the day and Ryan and Chris went outside and flew Ryan's new kite he got for Easter. On Sunday we went to my parents for dinner and then flew more kites outside. Hopefully next year we will be able to go to a Easter egg hunt. Here are some cute pictures of the boys in their Easter outfits and with their baskets.
Their Easter baskets, also Jackson is giving a thumbs up
Cute Boys!!
So funny!!

Best Buds

I thought I would just post some pictures of Ryan and Jackson. Ryan loves Jackson and thinks that Jackson needs to be up and playing with him already. Ryan loves to watch T.V. with Jackson and got mad at me today for taking Jackson away. Jackson was crying and ready to take a nap. Jackson is growing so big and getting chubby. He is getting to the point where he doesn't like to lay down he likes to sit up and big with the family. I love how Ryan and Jackson are already becoming best buds. I can't wait until Jackson gets a little older where they can play together.
Ryan loves to read stories to Jackson
He isn't so sure about this whole thing
Helping Papa out in the yard

Ryan loves to help feed Jackson
Daddy is still his #1 buddy

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jackson's blessing

This past weekend we blessed Jackson. We had such a fun weekend with family. We hung out with Chris' sister and her husband on Friday and went to dinner and then on Saturday we had a big dinner with my family and Chris' family at the institute that my dad used to work at. It was lots of fun playing games and being with everybody. On Sunday we blessed him and it was such a neat experience. I love that my husband is able to bless our children. It was a little crazy because our ward is from 1-4 with Sacrament last so everyone had to rush home after church. I felt bad because there was a huge blizzard that decided to show up. We had a great but exhausting weekend with everyone and are glad that everyone could make it.
P.S look on my facebook for more pictures of the blessing and the family
Everyone hanging out at the dinner.
Holly and Lane coloring with with Ryan
Tyler with Jackson
My mom says there isn't enough pictures of me, so here you go with my sis Tylynn
Our little family

Catching up

I haven't been very good about updating this blog. Things have been a little crazy and by the end of the night I am exhausted so now I have time. I don't think I have updated on Chris, he finally got the cast off and got put in a boot. He has wedges that elevate his heel that he has been taking a wedge out a week so that when it is time he can walk in a shoe. He is doing good and able to do more, but his leg still hurts. He is also nervous because he doesn't get the boot off until a week before school starts so we will see how that goes. Ryan has been doing good. He loves his little brother and has been really good to him. It is really hard having two kids and I am tired all the time, but I am getting used to that and trying to learn how to juggle two kids, housework and taking care of a husband that still needs some help. Jackson is a good baby for the most part. We are trying to still figure him out and get him to sleep longer during the night. He actually is not doing to bad. He does like to cry a lot late evening and we are trying to figure out if he is hungry, tire or gassy, it usually ends up he is hungry for more. He likes to eat a lot more at night time for some reason. He is starting to smile and Aunt LaDawn was the first to get him to smile more than once. Chris says he got the first smile. I will be doing a couple of post of just pictures so for now that is it and I will try not to wait so long to blog.
Ryan trying out his new bike he got for his birthday
Ryan new favorite thing is to shovel the remaining snow we have
Ryan and I were having fun playing his new memory game he got for his birthday

Jackson's first pair of nike's
Such a cute baby!!