Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun family night

Last night Chris came home and thought it would be fun to go take Ryan to his first movie. Ryan has been to the movie when he was a baby, so we really wasn't watching it. We went and saw Kung Fu Panda. He got bored at the slow parts, but he loved the experience. It was free popcorn night so that was fun and it occupied Ryan with something. He loves popcorn. It was a very fun movie and now we want to take him to see lots more.

Great weekend !!

I had a great weekend, with my sisters and no kids. We all got together on Friday afternoon at my parents house and started a weekend of fun. We went out to dinner and worked on whatever projects we needed to get done. We also laughed a lot and ate a lot. We watched tons of movies and went shopping. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

This week at the Rice house

So this week was a interesting and fun week. We started the week with my birthday on Monday. I just spent the hanging out with Ryan and then decided to go look for a new shirt to wear on my birthday. Well didn't find anything which made me sad so we went to McDonald's and got some fries and ice cream to make the trip better. Ryan got to play on the slide and he had lots of fun. Then we went home and Chris brought me flowers , a card and and Ice cream cake so I didn't have to make my own. It was great, we dropped Ryan off at his friends down the way to play and we went to a movie and dinner. It was nice to have a night out on our own for once. On Wednesday it was Ryan friend Hayden's birthday. So we went to the splash park and had a picnic there. Ryan loves to play with Hayden and his little brother. They had lots of fun in the water and then they got to go on a carousel ride. We had a fun day. We got an invitation for one of Chris good friends from high school that was getting married on Friday in Logan. He couldn't get the day off to go to the wedding so we decided to jump in the car and drive to the reception in Logan that night. We left a little before six and got there a little after eight. We got to visit and be there for him for a little while. It was nice to be there and support him on his day. Then it was back home. We didn't get home till 12:30. What a long drive. We had fun doing something different. Saturday we went on a bike ride and rented a movie to watch. It is nice to be able to ride your bike anywhere in town. The only pictures I got this week are of Ryan playing with his friends the twins, Kenzie and Gaby. They were taking turns on the stroller and pushing each other up and down the sidewalk.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our family happenings this week

So nothing real exciting has happened to us these past couple of weeks so I decided to just write and tell you the not so exciting things that have happened. This pregnancy is harder than I could ever expect. I would rather have a full time job then take care of a 2 year old and clean my house. Right now Chris is doing the dishes that have not been done since earlier this week because I don't have the energy and smells are really bad. My house is a disaster and I hope this ends soon. Sorry I am not trying to make this an outlet for complaining. Anyways we invited my nephews over the other night and we took them to this place in St. Anthony that is by the lake. They roped off a section that you can swim in and they had a water slide and diving bored. The boys and Chris had lots of fun. There is no way I am getting into a swimsuit so I just took pictures and watched from the sidelines. They had lots of fun. I am also trying to wrap my head around turning 25. Where did the time go, it seems like I just turned 21 and now I am married, have 1 kid and one on the way wow how time flies.