Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

I just wanted to wish all Father's a Happy Father's day!! I also want to say what a great husband and Father for my children Chris is. I love Chris so much and all that he does for us.He is so good with both of our kids. Jackson and Chris have become buddies and Chris takes him at night and puts him to sleep. Jackson doesn't like it if he doesn't get enough time with Chris. Ryan also loves his daddy and they play and joke all the time. I also wanted to say how great my dad is and how much I love him and am grateful he is my dad.

Jackson is 4 months

My little baby is already 4 months. It is going by fast, but not to fast which is nice. I hope it doesn't go by to fast. We went to the doctor and got weighed. He is now 17lbs and 261/4 inches long. He is just a chubby baby. I love how chubby he is. He is a pretty good baby very content and calm, except that he is sick and kind of cranky right now. He has been sleeping through most of the night this week and hope it continues. He is also trying to sit up on his own and does pretty good for a while and then gets tired. He really wants to grow up and play with his brother.


I just thought I would put up some fun pictures for all of you. We had a fun time with our cars. We needed new tires for our car and our truck was leaking fuel into the engine so we needed to figure out how we were going to pay for all this. We finally got tires on our car and our neighbor told us he could help us fix our car so Chris and him took the truck apart and figured out that it was a fuel injector. So we ordered the part and waited. Having only one car is hard when you are used to having two cars. Putting the kids in the car in the morning to take Chris to school and work is really hard. We made it through, and finally got the part. They started working on it on Friday and got most of it done. Our neighbor told me what to do to finish putting it back together and said I should finish it. I wasn't so sure and couldn't get to it for a while because of the kids. But at about 5:30 I decided to start working on it. I got most of it done with the help from our neighbors babysitter before Chris and our neighbor got home. We finished it up and started the car, still the fuel was leaking so we had take it all apart again and fix the fuel injector and then put it all back together. It was fun, but frustrating at having to redo it. We finally got done at 10:45 that night. The car works, but something is wrong with how we put something in so we have to go back and redo it. A little upsetting but am proud of how Chris he stuck with it and learned a lot of cars.
The work begins
We forgot to get a picture of me working in the car, but I promise I did I have the black fingers to prove it.
Just another quick thing. We were going to go on a bike ride and We had put the bikes in the truck to go on a bike ride in Idaho Falls, so we were putting them together and Ryan says look mom Mickey mouse. He had put the tires so they looked like Mickey Mouse ears. What a funny guy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jackson at 3 months

Jackson is growing way to fast for me. I want him to stay a baby as long as he can. He is getting so big and chubby. I think he is about 16 lbs and about 24 1/2 inches. He is wearing 6 months clothes. He doesn't have many summer clothes that big so he will have to wear some 3-6 months. He is such a happy baby and smiles and laughs a lot. He loves to hang out with daddy and thinks Ryan is so funny if Ryan isn't bugging him all the time. He used to not like laying on his tummy but he is started to like this. The other night we put him on his stomach and he rolled to his back. We were so excited we put in on video.

Ryan thinks he is so funny and wants him to be bigger so they can play. Ryan still won't leave him alone, but we are working on that. We love Jackson and can't wait to see him develop more as he gets bigger.
Best buddies
Cute Boy!!


Sorry I haven't been able to post very often because our internet hasn't been working that great, so you are going to get a lot at once.
For memorial day weekend Chris wanted to take Ryan to Lagoon. Ryan was so excited to go and we took our nephew Carson went with us to help with the kids so we could go on some rides. My sister was going to take Jackson, but she had a garage sale so we took him until the afternoon. He didn't like it because he couldn't sleep comfortably and he doesn't like the sun that much. He still was a good baby. Ryan had the best time riding on all the rides. He still talks about it today and how he wants to go back again. We keep telling him we can't this year maybe next year. He was so brave and went on a lot of rides and didn't get scared. My brother and sister-in law came and hung out with us for a while. Ryan had lots of fun with his cousins. Chris and I didn't get to go on a ton of rides but still had fun. We also went to Lagoona beach, but it decided to be really cloudy when we went there and the water was freezing so that wasn't that fun. All in all we want to go again and had a great time. You will have to ask Ryan about it and you will get an ear full.
Jackson wasn't so sure about all this
Ryan and I on the Dragon
Ryan loving the rides
Ryan and Carson riding a fun ride, Ryan was actually a little scared