Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tired week

This past week, Ryan and I went to Boise with Chris' parents to help them pack up their house. They sold their house and closed on it on thursday, so we had only a couple of days to pack up the whole house. We took lots of things to DI and went through a lot of boxes. I am exhausted from packing and then we had to finish packing up cars on Friday morning and then driving to Rexburg, friday night. We didn't leave from Boise until 5:00 so it was a very long and tiring drive. The fun thing for me was I got to drive the big moving truck half way to Burley, because we couldn't figure out a way to Chris' dad to fit in the truck. That was a little scary, but very fun. It didn't have cruise control, so my leg hurt really bad. Once we got to Burley we figured out a way to fit his dad in the truck and he drove it to Rexburg. I am excited to finally be home since I had only been home less than 24 hrs before I left for Boise.

Scrapbook Convention

So the convention has come and gone. I went down with my sister LaDawn to Salt Lake and met up with my other sisters to have a day of scrapbooking and girl time. We had tons of fun shopping for supplies and scrapping. It got a little crazy at about 9:30 at night, when we all started to get tired. My niece got to join the big girls and come with us. It was fun to share this with her this year. I hope she gets to join us again next time. Thanks to her we got some great pictures at the convention. Here are some fun pictures from the night. P.S. The reason we are around a chair of paper, was Nicole wanted to sell some paper that she had and didn't want to take home. It was a nice weekend to just be alone. On Saturday after the convention LaDawn and I went to NPS and then we went to Temple Square and went to the Church museum and the Genealogy library. It was nice not to have to keep track of a 2year old and just being able to see things. We then walked thru temple square and went to the Beehive house (Brigham Young's house) I had never been there so that was a treat. We then went out for lunch and ended our day with a nap. I had the best time to just be with my sister and relax. What a great time!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The happenings of the Rice's

Not much has happened with us to report, but I will let you all know what has been going on. We went to the Eastern Idaho Fair. It was so fun, we started with the petting zoo and Ryan was a little scared at first and then loved all the baby goats that were walking around. He wanted to get in the pen and play with the ducks. After that we went and decided to buy some tickets to ride some rides. The one ride Chris wanted to ride was the ferris wheel, but they wouldn't let us bring Ryan on so Ryan got to ride the rides. Of course when I really want to take a picture, my camera stops working. We need a new camera. He got to ride on a helicopter with daddy and got to ride a car around a track. Chris wanted to play one game so we decided on the fish game. Chris spent 2 dollars and got 8 ping pongs. Chris threw the first 5 and made one into the fish bowl, then Ryan wanted to play, so he threw them and made one. We ended up paying $5 for a container to take the 2 fish home in. For 7 dollars we ended up with two fish. Ryan loves them, we don't know how long they are going to last, but we had fun.
We have just been cleaning our house and rearranging it to have enough room for another kid in this house. You don't really know how much stuff you have until you start trying to make room. We are excited for this baby to come and more excited to find out what it is. Maybe next post will be more exciting than this one.
Ryan loves to eat sandwiches outside on our back porch

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Camp out

Baby Afton chilling in the camping chair

Playing in the fun tree (this is the tree that fell)

Hanging out on the beach

Kids thought it was fun to bury Uncle Chris in the sand!!

Weekend Family Campout

This past weekend we went on a camp out with Bethany's brother and Sisters. We went up to a campground north of Logan. It was a fun campground and nice to get up there and relax. We set up and then just chatted with everyone that was up there and waited for the others to get there. The next day on Sat. we all went up to Bear Lake to go swimming and play at the beach. It was so beautiful to see the lake as we were driving in. We had lots of fun in the water and sand, even though it was windy. The water was a little cold at first, but not bad. Back at the campsite we ate dinner and then just sat and chatted. My brother in law say lightning so we started to put everything away into the cars in case of rain. We got finished and in our tents at the right moment it started to rain. Not a big rainstorm though. The next morning the big kids and some of the guys went on a hike that was only supposed to be a small one and turned out to be a 3 hour 8 mile hike. OOPS!! Oh well they had fun. At around 4:30 we saw clouds roll in and a big gust of wind came up and broke down a tree in our campsite, luckily most of the kids were in my sister's truck watching a movie. My sister in law, her little boy and my niece were out there, but only got brushed by the branches. At that moment it started to rain and we all decided to pick up and go home. We didn't want anymore trees to fall on us. So we packed up, well more like throw everything in the truck and was out of there before the big rain started. Chris couldn't see out the back window on the way home we stuffed the truck up so much. We were sad that we had to leave early, but we were ready. We went home through Preston and the rain did not stop until we got back on the freeway. That wouldn't have been fun to sit in the tent with a two year old for that long. That was our fun trip this past weekend. I will post pictures in another post.